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Hospital Bridge in Nuremberg, Germany

We recently took a river cruise on the Danube River.  We started in Budapest, Hungary and sailed to Nuremberg, Germany.  We went to Budapest a few days early and stayed in a studio apartment near the river.  We participated in several activities in the city:  --a wonderful walking tour of the castle district

--a wonderful museum called the Hospital in the Rock.  It was a secure tunnel system in the rock that treated many injured during World War II.  

--a traditional music concert and show

We really enjoyed this beautiful city.

After boarding our ship with Viking River Cruises, we visited several cites along the river--Passau, Vienna, Melk, Regensburg, Nuremberg.

We toured each of these old cities, enjoyed the churches and old buildings, and learned of interesting pieces of history.

After arriving in Nuremberg, we stayed a few extra days in a hotel near the Fussganger Zone--a street where only foot traffic is allowed and with lots of shops and restaurants.  We visited the Toy Museum, Kongress Hall, the Zeppelin Field, and the museum of the Nazi War Trials.  

We were in town too early for the Christmas Markets, but this is always a great time to travel.  The weather is cooler, the tourist season is slower, and the Christmas Markets are always so much fun to visit.

When in Europe, walking is the thing to do.  Before you go, be sure to build your stamina!  We also use public transportation if the distance is too great.  You can get a taxi, but they are usually more expensive.

I can help you set up a trip like this anytime.  

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